Zahara is a monocultivar of Tonda Iblea, patrimony and queen variety of our territory.
The olives are harvested by hand from secular trees of the Chiaramonte Gulfi valleys in a period ranging from the first to the third week of September.
Fruity: Intense
Aromatic Profile: characterized by the marked notes of green tomato with its leaf, herbs from the Mediterranean scrub, thistle, nettle and white pepper.
Pairing: in the kitchen Zahara goes well with cooked and raw vegetables, tomato capresi, Sicilian orange salads, cereal and legume soups, grilled meat and fish.

Zahara awarded the prestigious Gambero Rosso 3 leaves, the highest recognition given annually to the best oils of Italy.

Sizes: 250 ml – 500 ml

Olio Zahara

“A wonderful and intense sensation of tomato and aromatic herbs and myrtle leaf characterizes the olfactory profile of this masterpiece. In the mouth it is powerful, elegant and with great aromatic consistency”.

Oli d’Italia, Il Gambero Rosso