Sicilian markets

I mercati siciliani

Colorful, chaotic, vital, it is the markets that have represented the work and essence of us Sicilians in the world.

In the markets of Sicily, the sea and the countryside are put on display on the stalls, where the lamparas hang over the sparkling fish, bent over the crushed ice and topped up continuously.

On large wicker baskets are stacked lemons, enormous lamp lamps and, with the passing of the seasons, the shiny aubergines, the snake courgette and the large soft and silky leaves of the tenerumi, which appear in summer.

The market is an act of resistance, of beauty, a stain of vuci, colors and delights that rests on the large and flat stones called balate.

In its atmosphere of a Middle Eastern suq, small stalls follow one another offering the scents of oregano, huge and juicy olives, pickled fish, scaccio - dried fruit - and roasted meat.

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