Zahara - oleificio guccione ricetta sicilia olio extra vergine di oliva


Savor how the sea and the garden blend in a harmonious symphony of Mediterranean flavors and freshness

SiciliaI mercati siciliani

Sicilian markets

Colorful, chaotic, vital, it is the markets that have represented the work and essence of us Sicilians in the world. In the markets of Sicily, the sea and the countryside are put on display on the ...

RicetteBao con petto d'anatra agli agrumi e salsa aioli

Citrus duck breast bao with aioli

Experience the surprising aroma of flavors given by the oriental elegance of the duck breast Bao and the freshness of citrus fruits, while our oil gives an unforgettable Mediterranean note. A uniq...

SiciliaBarocco siciliano

Sicilian Baroque

The Beauty of the Iblei Mountains and their most famous municipalities, originates in a strong earth tremor of January 1693. A furious earthquake struck a vast area between Catania, Ragusa and Syr...

SiciliaLa Sicilia inedita

Unedited Sicily

Sicily is intimately linked to oil and the cultivation of the olive tree. The presence of so many varieties of olives on the island is a sign of a tradition that goes back a long way. In fact, th...