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Our history

A Tale of Family and Innovation

Oleificio Guccione is one of the historic olive oil mills in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a baroque village nestled in the heart of the Iblei Mountains.

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Our territory

A Crossroads of Cultures with a Strong Identity

As these various cultures made Sicily their home, they brought with them their unique agricultural practices, including the cultivation of olive trees. Each civilization contributed to the rich diversity of olive cultivars found on the island, resulting in a remarkable array of flavors, aromas, and characteristics.

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Our olive oil mill

Excellence through innovation

We were pioneers in our area, back in 1990, when we made the bold decision to abandon the traditional extraction system and fully embrace the innovative cold extraction system.

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Guccione Collection

A collection that embodies the spectrum of Sicilian oils, from delicate fruity to intense.

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The Most Representative label of Our Production: obtained from handpicked Tonda Iblea olives from centuries-old trees in the valleys of Chiaramonte Gulfi.

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Olio Pop

An olive oil obtained from Sicily's key native olive varieties, packaged in 3 and 5 liter Tins. Ideal for everyday use in the kitchen.

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Globally acclaimed as one of the World’s Finest Evoo Oils

International awards

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