Zahara 500ml

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A reserve obtained solely from Tonda Iblea olives, which are manually harvested from ancient olive trees, some even thousands of years old, in the valleys of Chiaramonte Gulfi from mid-September to early October. The name "Zahara" derives from Arabic and identifies the blossom of the orange tree, a term also used in Sicily to refer to the veil of white flowers that covers the olive trees. It reveals an intense and distinctive profile, with hints of green tomato, cardoon, Mediterranean herbs, and a touch of pepper.

Fruity: Intense

Label: 500ml
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A wonderful and intense sensation of tomato and aromatic herbs and myrtle leaf characterizes the olfactory profile of this masterpiece. In the mouth it is powerful, elegant and with great aromatic consistency.

Oils of Italy, Gambero Rosso

Flavor profile

“A stunning and intense sensation of tomato and aromatic herbs, with a hint of myrtle leaf, characterizes the olfactory profile of this exceptional oil. On the palate, it is powerful, elegant, and exhibits remarkable aromatic consistency. Oli d’Italia, Il Gambero Rosso magazine


Zahara goes well with cooked and raw vegetables, tomato caprese, Sicilian orange salads, cereal and legume soups, grilled meat and fish.


Nutritional values

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Produced in Italy

Cold extraction

Close after use, keep cool and away from light

Zahara 500ml
Zahara 500ml Sale price€20,50

3446 Kj / 823 Kcal


91.5 g of which saturates: 14g - mono-unsaturates: 71g - polyunsaturates: 7,1g


0 g of which sugars 0 g


0 g


0 g


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