“In Chiaramonte Gulfi olive oil of exceptional goodness is produced: golden yellow, it is like a path full of green chills. Tasty, structured, almost no acidity.
I rate it the best in Sicily”

Luigi Veronelli


Sicily has always been intimately linked to oil and olive cultivation.
The presence of many varieties of olives on the island is a sign of a tradition that starts from far away. So many in fact, were the people who for centuries have inhabited and dominated, attracted by its size and centrality in the mediterranean, as well as its beauty.

Witnesses of these passages in our territory, in particular in the valleys of Chiaramonte Gulfi, are millenary trees characterized by large trunks that intertwine on themselves, the extraordinary “Saracen olive trees”, silent witnesses of the passage of history, epochs, civilizations.

Sicilian olive oils display strong identities, as stratified by the legacies of each domination.

The idea of a balcony implies the idea of home and does not exclude that of a garden. In this case, the balcony is an entire country, an ancient country: Chiaramonte Gulfi, founded in 1296 by Count Manfredi, which overlooks the slope of the Iblei mountains, embracing a large part of Sicily, from the tip of Gela to Etna. A panorama that shines in an enchanting brightness in the spring light.

Those who visit the Hyblean balcony also find their best restaurant: Majore, one of the oldest places in Sicily in business since 1896, which has always magnified pork cuisine, an ancient tradition of Chiaramonte Gulfi,